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formZ 7
formZ 7

Best time ever to download and get used to the power and capabilities of formZ in it’s new version due for final release soon. While in beta development this package is functional, stable and capable of enhanced 3D modeling and 3D rendering capabilities over the bonzai3D package from where it’s development began. Available for MacOSX ( rel 10.4 +) and Windows 32 and 64.

More power than ever with an easier more intuitive interface. Many file formats (13+) and lots of rendering and animation capabilities to produce incredible photo realistic images.

Download here  and try it free; formz your next step up for more advanced tools from bonzai3D

we can help for those that want to own it – and other powerful 3D tools; see us here for 3d Rendering software

2 Replies to “formZ RenderZone 7 Try it FREE”

    1. You may want to check out the new formZ 8 coming in July that will replace formZ 7. See our site for an upgrade path that will cover this coming version.

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