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3D Printer Systems Attracts Crowds

Posted on  by Neerav Bhatt


CeBIT exhibitor 3D Printing Systems launched the new UP! Mini 3D Printer as a world first at CeBIT Australia 2012. With it’s full metal, temperature stabilising enclosure and groundbreaking pricing it’s no wonder their Stand I15 attracted large crowds of visitors throughout the day. Smart Technology provides the local sales and support at contact tel: 1300 030 655  and has the 3D Up Printer and it’s 3D  design software formZ and bonzai3D

The UP! Mini is based on the simplicity of a traditional inkjet printer, with a snap in printer head, slip in build table and clip in consumable roll.

3D Printing also known as additive manufacturing, has seen huge growth in the last two years.

3D Printing Systems have sold their desktop 3D Printers to Primary schools, where students are creating 3D printed projects out of plastic instead of the traditional paddle pop stick projects.

This is the manufacturing of the future and Australian students could learn a lot if given the opportunity to be able to use this type of cutting edge technology to create and innovate.

Universities around Australia use the UP Plus 3D Printers, as they are a fantastic educational tool to demonstrate additive manufacturing process and to be able to rapid prototype their own designs. Thinking and creating outside of the box has never been so easy.

Electrolux have been using the UP Plus 3D Printer for two years as well as many other leading businesses for prototyping and testing product design. The savings are huge (+/- 80%) for prototyping in house as opposed to sending parts to be printed at a bureau. Additive manufacturing methods are also faster than and cheaper than one off moulds or getting a part CNC machined.

The other advantage of printing parts in ABS plastic, the same plastic that is used in most consumer parts today, is if you wanted to fix a broken plastic part on your dishwasher or stove, you can do that easily. If you wanted to make a custom mount for your phone in your car or bicycle you can do that too.

With the introduction of the UP Mini 3D Printer, launched first at CeBIT 2012 in Australia, it has been designed for the consumer in mind, bringing manufacturing to the home or hobbyist at a price that has to be seen to be believed.

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