3D printing strategies


3D printing strategies

3D printing strategies

Sixty per cent of organisations believe high start-up costs are a main factor in the delay of implementing 3D printing strategies, according to a new survey by Gartner.

However, the survey also found that early adopters of the technology are finding clear benefits in multiple areas.

“3D printing has broad appeal to a wide range of businesses and early adopter consumers, and while the technology is already in use across a wide range of manufacturing verticals from medical to aerospace, costs remain the primary concern for buyers,” says Pete Basiliere, research director, Gartner.

“3D printer vendors must work closely with their clients to identify potential applications of the technology that may have been overlooked, and improve the cost-benefit ratios of their products.

“Organisations that wish to experiment with the technology without incurring start-up costs should consider partnering with a local 3D printing service bureau.”

Smart Technology offers 3D design software experience for 3D prototyping, conceptualisation and ‘Ideation’. We provide a range of 3D printers from A$695 and a bureau service for providing 3D Prints from designed models.

We also have access to high end Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) units for faster, high quality larger builds.

Elite SLS 3D Printer

Contact us for more details on installing 3D Printing or bureau services +61 2 9939 4000 or go to smarttec.com.au.

The survey also reveals that while prototyping, product innovation and development are the main uses of 3D printing, the technology is also being used extensively in manufacturing applications.


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