3D Up Printer modelling with formZ


formZ plays its part in modelling for 3D UP Printer

Using the 3D Up Printer modelling with formZ  to create an aquarium light fixture (not quite finished). I’ve tried this with SketchUp and there is literally no way to do this in SU without spending at least 3X the number of hours– and then still there are *severe* worflow issues (I’m much better at SketchUp than FormZ).

I used to think the 3D printing revolution was somewhat of an overblown hype for hobbyists. I’m now on my 3rd 3D Printer (2 Cubify Cubes and the superb 3D Up Printer). and I am also following this ‘hobby’ closely– and I have to say this is real. I predict 2014 is the year where 3D Printing starts to go mainstream (HP is now in the game) and there is STILL no affordable and easy to use solid modeler that everyone uses. And I *really* believe FormZ/Bonzai3D can *BE* that tool. But, the time is NOW. There is such a limited amount of tutorials for FormZ 7 as well as there’s virtually NO ‘buzz’ about it in the 3D Printing industry.

I believe Autodessys should really focus on this new industry, along with detailed 3D printing tutes including vids, books, e-books etc..and please charge for them if you want to. If I just shelled out 1.5K for a printer, I don’t mind paying $35 for a video series or PDF. Listen, SketchUp has done much of the work for you– they have gotten folks used to PUSH/PULL modeling and the concept 3D doesn’t have to be hard– and there are ‘SketchUp’ settings in FormZ (I use them) for shortcuts and mouse movements– so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting of communicating what you do. SU users are a nice vertical which is easy to market to (I know you already advertise on Sketchucation). Also, the 3D hobbyist market is also currently a vertical and easy to market to. Just the fact you can create a plastic nut and bolt in a few easy clicks is amazing to all the other programs out there.

Frankly, I’m surprised Solidworks and Pro-E haven’t already seized on this. If they don’t fix this they are doomed to be the Quark Xpress of their generation as more and more affordable 3D solid modelers start to improve. Just my thoughts..

Here’s what I’m working on..

formz model for 3D Up Printer

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