CAD Import and Tessellation.


Experience ultra-robust CAD import and tessellation for both native and portable file formats.


Creating striking visualization assets with InstaLOD is about as easy as it gets. InstaLOD can automatically correct reflection discontinuities or bad shading during tessellation making manual adjustments a thing of the past. Advanced features for design review and surface analysis such as zebra rendering enable rich surface inspections for Class A surfaces.

CAD Live-Link

With InstaLOD’s CAD Live Link you can selectively retessellate specific parts of your assembly even long after the scene has been fully loaded. Simply select a part or a group and click retessellate. This workflow enables you to first select materials to develop the right look and inspect the shading and then choose the perfect tessellation to achieve a high quality visualization asset.


Take the pain out of gigantic assemblies and data regeneration using InstaLOD’s rules engine. The rules engine is setup without any programming and automates many tasks: from cleaning the assembly to combining parts, setting up materials or configuring the tessellation. Take automation to the next level by extending the rules engine to integrate with your PLM using the C++ SDK.