HOW TO GET THE BEST 3D PRINTED ARCHITECTURAL MODELS On a regular basis we have people and companies from around Australia approach us to 3D print scale models of their buildings, developments and projects. The results are very impressive and we often get positive feedback from our clients including hotel developers in Brisbane pitching to investors, […]

3D printing strategies

3D printing strategies Sixty per cent of organisations believe high start-up costs are a main factor in the delay of implementing 3D printing strategies, according to a new survey by Gartner. However, the survey also found that early adopters of the technology are finding clear benefits in multiple areas. “3D printing has broad appeal to […]

formZ Subd surfaces and 3D Printing

formZ Subd surfaces and 3D Printing make a difference   Below is a webinar that demonstrates the power of formZ Subd surfaces and 3D Printing capabilities by walking you through a series of actual 3D printed projects modeled exclusively with subdivision tools and features. formZ is a unique 3D modelling tool with support for solid, surface, […]

COFA changes name to UNSW Art and Design

  COFA changes name to UNSW Art and Design in a special ceremony on September 30 hosted by dignitaries inlcuding Chancellor & Vice Chancellor, a new stage in the long history of this fine school. During the first week of Semester break and between September 29 to October 1 2014 – Smart Technology provided a succesful 3 […]

Low cost 3D Printing

Low Cost 3D Printing – 3D UP Mini creates a new price entry The 3D Up mini printer has created a new low price in allowing the entry of easy to start and quality 3D Printing now reduced from $1,000 to the new low price of $755.00 (plus GST & delivery) The 3D Up Mini Printer is an easy […]

NMA 3D Printer & 3D design software

NMA 3D Printer & 3D design software For all of those people who are visiting the National Manufacturing Exhibition this week at Homebush:   We are offering great new specials : formZ v7 ( with formZ 8 upgrade ) Powerful modelling tools for less than $1,200.00 and add RenderZone for only $400 and get fully […]

Christmas 3D Printing Offer

  Christmas 3D Printing Offer For all you 3D Printing aficionados the best quality low end 3D Printer with the best 3D software. [click image above for more details] Get the printer a 4 month evaluation of formZ 3D modelling software plus: 3D Pen Photo2mesh software 1KG ABS Roll  

Digital fabrication in formZ webinar

Digital fabrication in formZ webinar formZ gives you the power to turn your virtual designs into reality in the exciting world of digital fabrication.Learn how easy it is to take your 3D digital model and actually build it using a variety of modern fabrication technologies such as 3D printing, CNC manufacturing, unfolding, and more. This information is valuable for 3D […]

UP Plus 2 – Next Generation in Professional 3D Printing

3D Printing systems are the exclusive distributors of the UP Plus 2 in Australia and New Zealand and are available from them via Smarttec in Australia Redesigned model inside and out, engineered to provide continuous dimensionally accurate 3D printed parts Best-in-class desktop 3D Printer and easiest to use Innovative auto leveling platform calibration and automatic height […]

Skunkmonk sessions

How do we describe what we do at Smart Technology? A short preview video taken at the recent Skunkmonk Sessions held in Pyrmont that showcased new technologies and asked the questions; that relate to being a ‘creative ‘ or a ‘technologist’. We showcased the entry level  ‘Up 3D Mini’ – 3D deposition method 3D printer […]

High accuracy deposition 3D Printers Kevoxx 3D Printer

High accuracy deposition 3D Printers The new professional Kevvox 3D high accuracy deposition 3D printers are stand-alone systems, based on DLP technology, that fit comfortably into any design or engineering environment. There are two Kevvox SP Series models — the SP4300 and the SP6200. These offer 2 different build volumes, 56x35x100mm and 80x50x100mm respectively with […]

UP 3D Mini Printer

3D Printing revolution with UP 3D Mini Printer     The UP 3D Mini Printer allows you to print quality 3D models right from your desk for visualisation, collaboration, and functional prototyping testing from your model designed in formZ, bonzai3D or other 3D package. The UP Mini Desktop 3D Printer is simple and affordable. It […]

3D Printing and Piracy – Is your IP dead?

An emerging breed of machines lets us “print” a real-life object, like a toy or a gun , is highlighting 3D Printing and Piracy in the same way we can print a document at our desk. Is your IP Dead? – now you can print or copy 3D objects and as the technology develops you could […]