Creative 3D Genius with Cinema4D & Corona Render

David Duloy

Creative 3D Genius with Cinema4D & Corona Render The creative genius with Cinema4D & Corona Render of David Duloy knows no bounds and persists after many years as one of the best architectural illustrators in his field. created by David Duloy – David Duloy has provided some of the most creative 3D illustrations done […]

formZ 9 – Released

formZ 9 – released formZ 9 released after years in the making and is shipping now with optional subscription license versions and *VRay NEXT coming. formZ 9 perpetual  A$ 1,425 +GST Subscription 12 mth license formZ 9 subscription ( Annual prepayment ) $635 +GST or formZ 9 | VRay NEXT* A$ 1,135 +GST * VRay […]

Making-of Bathroom renders

Leonardo Giomarelli (ilgioma on the Maxwell official forums), who is the creator of some great materials on MZ (Copper, Brass, Plastic) has been kind enough to give us a glimpse of his workflow in creating these beautiful interior renders of a modern bathroom.  I started working with MaxwellZone for about 1 year producing sets of materials based on […]

Vray Documentation for formz

All the V-Ray for formZ documentation A list of all the current V-Ray | form•Z for both Mac & Windows. The current release version of V-Ray is 3.6.3 and uses the latest v5 V-Ray server and as such much of the special rendering capabilities may be also described in V-Ray for 3DStudio Max and V-Ray […]

CGArchitect Architectural 3D Award

V-Ray for form•Z image nominated for CGArchitect Architectural 3D Award Congratulations to TILTPIXEL on their nomination for a prestigious CGArchitect Architectural 3D Award. Their stunning image of the Harbin Opera House by M.A.D. Architects was modelled in form•Z and rendered with V-Ray for form•Z. V-Ray for form•Z brings unprecedented rendering capabilities to form•Z with superior […]

Maxwell Materials are the key to great renders

Maxwell Materials are the key to great renders with Maxwell Render 4 Mihai Iliuta at has just released some great results using the advantages of having great materials   Hi Maxwellians, Just wanted to quickly show you some renders of a new set of brass materials created by Leonardo Giomarelli (ilgioma), which I think […]

formZ Vray

Ray for formZ

formZ Vray AutoDesSys is excited to announce that the award winning V-Ray renderer now available for form•Z offers versatile and intuitive modeling capabilities and V-Ray’s powerful rendering capabilities to create quick and solid designs with astonishing, cutting-edge visualizations in a single solution. The unprecedented integration with V-Ray allows for rendering and lighting to be an integral part of the design process, […]

V-Ray for form·Z is Here!

V-Ray for form·Z is Here! The power of Academy Award winning V-Ray rendering is now available for form•Z. We have integrated V-Ray seamlessly into form•Z so that you will find your way around very quickly and get instant high quality renderings “out of the box”.For more information  Click Here. [embedyt][/embedyt]  

Sub-surface division tutorial chair

Sub-surface division tutorial chair – We have many resources for leaning how to better use the 3D modular – formZ, one of which is the tutorial loaded here: Creating a Padded Chair in formZ   CREATING A PADDED CHAIR IN FORMZ     CREATING A PADDED CHAIR IN FORMZ Well, you set me quite a […]

V-Ray for formZ

V-Ray for formZ released V-Ray for formZ is now available for all new old users of formZ by calling us direct or ‘online’ with one of the best implementations yet of V-Ray v3.6 . It will run on all of the latest versions of : formZ PRO v8.6 ( free download for all current v8.5.7 users […]

form•Z Fundamentals Online Training Course

  form•Z Fundamentals Training Course Learn the best 3d modeling program for architecture and design. Longtime form•Z user Evan Troxel has created an amazing new way to learn 3D modeling with form•Z. Whether it’ll be your first time opening the program, or your 300th, you’ll learn techniques that will ensure your success in building and visualizing the best 3d models you’ve […]


HOW TO GET THE BEST 3D PRINTED ARCHITECTURAL MODELS On a regular basis we have people and companies from around Australia approach us to 3D print scale models of their buildings, developments and projects. The results are very impressive and we often get positive feedback from our clients including hotel developers in Brisbane pitching to investors, […]

Creating a Padded Chair in formZ

Creating a Padded Chair in formZ The following was a tutorial is about creating a padded chair in formZ that was recently uploaded on the formZ forum/Tutorials page in response to a question raised on how to model this particular type of chair. So one of the formZ forum members (FZnoob) took up the challenge […]

Troy Design Media

Troy Design Media   Troy Design Media is an experienced 3D Visualisation company using formZ 3D modeller as well as Maxwell Render to produce the following great images. Troy has 15 + years of experience in architectural 3D visualisation with companies as large as Meriton Properties in Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast to smaller bespoke design/visualisation […]

dacode imaging with Maxwell Render

dacode imaging with Maxwell Render 4

dacode – a Melbourne based 3D specialist company: dacode imaging with Maxwell Render has excelled in producing some of the best 3D images for architects Internationally and Australia wide. The following images are some recent examples that have all been created for clients using formZ 8.5 for 3D modelling and then using Maxwell Render v3.2 […]

3D Printing Solutions using formZ

formZ Guitar

3D Printing Solutions using formZ When the UP Box was first announced our CEO Michael Tyson knew we had a 3D Printing Solution using formZ one that would utilise the larger build area of this new 3D Printer and to take advantage of the 3D design power of formZ. The first thing that came to mind was a […]

New formZ coming

new formZ coming download a form•Z 8.5 pro beta for evaluation now. We are pleased to announce form•Z 8.5 pro beta which includes some exciting new generative design tools, a separate and improved form•Z Layout application as well as a number of performance and stability enhancements. This new beta package displays many new modelling features but has much enhanced performance, it […]


Heathrow T2

VIRTUALLY BUILD T2 OF HEATHROW AIRPORT May 21, 2015 ( Reprinted from Maxwell Blog ) THE ARTIST My name is Richard Green and my main work involves high end CGI and retouching for advertising and graphic design although I have also worked on film and TV productions when asked. My company is called Loop Corporation Ltd.  […]

Using form•Z with Revit


Using form•Z with Revit CAD Digest Article  – By Michael Anonuevo, April 7, 2015 reprinted When I first started out as a drafting professional 20 years ago, one of the first 3D modeling software I came across was form•Z. Back then, it was one of the most powerful 3D modeling software around. I was mesmerized by […]

LA Screen Guild formZ Pro 8 Presentation


LA Screen Guild formZ Presentation – November 2014 A complete overview as presented by Matt Holewinski of formZ PRO 8 to the LA Chapter the Art Directors Screen Guild. This overview present an illustrative review of the new capabilities of formZ PRO and how it can be used for accurate 3D modelling and rendering. Best […]

formZ 8 Review in CAD Digest

formZ 8 Review in CAD Digest In a recent review of form•Z pro on CAD Digest, Bill Debevc wites: “…I first thought it was a modeler similar to SketchUp. It is not. It’s much more powerful than that.” He goes on to share his experiences using form•Z and concludes with: “form•Z is taking computer-based modeling to a entirely new […]

RenderZone Tips and Tricks

formz3D has uploaded RenderZone Tips and Tricks RenderZone Tips and Tricks formz3D RenderZone is a plugin for form•Z which extends the visualization and rendering capabilities of form•Z with a full arsenal of additional tools to assist you with anything from simple scene development to your most demanding rendering needs. Join us as we review a compilation of […]

formZ Tips on improving your 3D experience

formZ Tips Here is an ever expanding collection of simple but effective formZ Tips on improving your 3D experience with text and images. There is a guide is for use with the current version formZ v8 and will in all cases work on formZ PRO 8 however it may not work on the lesser version […]

How to derive a frame for a membrane design in formZ

In the complex world of creating flexible structures for display purposes there is one company Fabric System Structures in Auckland NZ that has no peer.   There are many examples  like this one at Darling Harbour Sydney but click their logo for more examples.   Here is a how-to-derive-a-frame-for-a-membrane-design-in-formz step by step using the powerful new […]

Talking Product Design

  Talking Product Design with David Atkinson We’re psyched to introduce the newest member of our design group here at The Foundry. David Atkinson, our new head of design for commercial products, has worked on some of the biggest brands in the world, including Honda, Infiniti and Dyson, as well as with advertising agencies such […]

formz numeric input

formZ Numeric Input : Set your Project Settings to ‘metric’ or ‘english’ and set relevant scale.

It’s Time to Get Over IGES

It’s Time to Get Over IGES OCTOBER 14TH, 2014| BY ED LOPATEGUI About five seconds into your average conversation about CAD translation, someone will invariably mention one of the venerable and long-held neutral formats: STEP or IGES. Neutral CAD formats are the great equalizers of CAD interchange; the old stand-bys of an increasingly multi-CAD world. They […]

formZ FREE Download

Click image to get your formZ FREE download free. Now just ‘Add to Cart’ and formZ free is a great way to start exploring the power of design with 3D solid modeling. This version has no restrictions for professional, academic, or home use. With form•Z free you can quickly create your own 3D solid models […]