Maxwell Render 5 is shipping

Maxwell Render 5 is shipping! QUALITY Maxwell is all about quality. Period. This has been our sacred mantra for most than 15 years of development. Our secret sauce is a physically-correct unbiased spectral engine, which produces not only beautiful images but also lighting-accurate simulations. In fact, Maxwell is considered the ground-truth in rendering and CGI […]

NVIDIA RTX Performance Explained

NVIDIA RTX Performance explain by Paul Arden – miGenius NVIDIA RTX technology was announced late last year and has gathered a lot of coverage in the press. Many software vendors have been scrambling to implement support for it since then and there has been a lot of speculation about what is possible with RTX. Now […]

Making-of Bathroom renders

Leonardo Giomarelli (ilgioma on the Maxwell official forums), who is the creator of some great materials on MZ (Copper, Brass, Plastic) has been kind enough to give us a glimpse of his workflow in creating these beautiful interior renders of a modern bathroom.  I started working with MaxwellZone for about 1 year producing sets of materials based on […]

Maxwell Render vs Photograph

Maxwell Render vs Photograph Which is the Photo and which is the Maxwell Render? This is the Maxwell Render – which is still a work in progress This is the Real Photograph   Work by By Dmitriy Berdnichenko – an excellent result.    

Huge Material Library for Maxwell 4

Huge Material Library for Maxwell 4 With the release of Maxwell 4 and the significant improvements in performance afforded by the Denoiser after (Maxwell 4.2 release) we now have over 5,800 materials available for use in Maxwell 4 See the extensive library here Huge Material Library for Maxwell 4


MAXWELL RENDER FOR PHOTOREALISTIC BACKGROUND PLATES February 22, 2018 Customer stories 0 Comments 0 Hi guys, This week on the blog we have a different case study – one that shows how Maxwell Render for photorealistic background plates is part of a solution for combining photography and CGI. For more demonstrations on how it is […]


Recent Maxwell Forum Post; ( Good idea to join )   Hello everyone,               I need some advice on how to improve this work. These images you see is only part of the work. The client tells me that the images are “flat”. Can I use some color-contrast lights […]

Digital Simulation with Maxwell Render

Maxwell Render

Digital Simulation with Maxwell Render Digital Simulation The growing process of digitalisation with digital simulation with Maxwell Render, machine-to-machine communication and automation is paving the way for a new revolution: that of the so called 4.0 Industry. It is anticipated that the inclusion of simulation and machine learning technologies will have an even greater impact […]

Understanding Materials in Maxwell Render

Understanding Materials in Maxwell Render Here is an online video by Dario Kanza from NextLimit on understanding better the materials in Maxwell Render the way way!  


HOW TO IMPROVE THE WORKFLOW IN MAXWELL STUDIO April 28, 2016 Technology, Tips 0 Comments 6 Hello everyone, We are back with an insider tip from our very own Product Specialist, Fernando Tella. Fer is long-time user of Maxwell Render, ever since the alpha version in 2005! Ten years later he joined the Maxwell team. Now he is the […]

Troy Design Media

Troy Design Media   Troy Design Media is an experienced 3D Visualisation company using formZ 3D modeller as well as Maxwell Render to produce the following great images. Troy has 15 + years of experience in architectural 3D visualisation with companies as large as Meriton Properties in Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast to smaller bespoke design/visualisation […]

dacode imaging with Maxwell Render

dacode imaging with Maxwell Render 4

dacode – a Melbourne based 3D specialist company: dacode imaging with Maxwell Render has excelled in producing some of the best 3D images for architects Internationally and Australia wide. The following images are some recent examples that have all been created for clients using formZ 8.5 for 3D modelling and then using Maxwell Render v3.2 […]


WHAT’S NEW IN MAXWELL V3.2? – JUAN CAÑADA, HEAD OF MAXWELL RENDER TECHNOLOGIES August 26, 2015 News, Technology 19 Comments 15 Hello everyone! I’m very happy to announce the imminent arrival of yet another feature-filled, free update for Maxwell V3! V3.2 has just been uploaded to our Early Builds Area, so licensed users can go ahead and try the beta […]

Maxwell Render

Review: Maxwell Render By Paul Hatton 4 days ago – Creative Bloq We go under the hood of Next Limit Technologies’ physically-based renderer Maxwell Render. I’ve always loved the Maxwell Render Engine and yet have never used it as part of my everyday workflow. For some reason it’s never surpassed or replaced my love for V-Ray, but who […]


Maxwell render by Smarttec

STEP BY STEP RALLY CAR BREAKDOWN Repost of original story in December 15, 2015 Customer stories 2 Comments 2 As many of you probably know, we at Smart Technology are always inspired by what Maxwell Render users achieve with the software, and we are constantly amazed at their talent. This year’s Car Render Challenge by Humster3D was packed with really awesome projects (we had a […]

Rob Redman puts Next Limit’s latest Maxwell Render update to the test

Rob Redman

    Rob Redman puts Next Limit’s latest Maxwell Render update to the test, including VR-ready stereo sound, PSD saving capabilities, and more…   Product: Maxwell Render Company: Next Limit Website: Next Limit are pretty good at point version upgrades for free, and Maxwell Render has now reached V3.2 which brings less in the way of […]

Creative Lighting in Maxwell Render

  Creative Lighting in Maxwell Render Interview with Nikos Nikolopoulos from Next Limit Technologies  PRO  3 weeks ago NOT YET RATED After a few drinks of mastiha (Greek liquor), Janna of the Maxwell Render team persuades Nikos to tell us all about Creative Lighting in Maxwell Render and what’s next for the visualization guru. Following a great weekend […]

Digital Art Rave

ReaFlow with Maxwell Render

  Trojan Horse was a Unicorn Emanuele Niri describes how the amazing opening and closing titles for ‘Trojan horse was a Unicorn’ were made using RealFlow. THU is a unique four-day Digital Art Rave. About the company The fluid job was carried out on behalf of based in Warsaw, Poland. It is a […]


CREATING PERFECT GLASS: TUTORIAL BY TONI FRESNEDO June 25, 2015 Tips 5 Comments 3 We are very honored to introduce #Xpert Trainer Toni Fresnedo to the blog this week. Toni is an extremely talented and experienced user of 3ds Max and Maxwell Render, and provides visualization services as well as distance/online training. Toni lives and works in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. […]


PHOTOGRAPHY TECHNIQUES FOR SPEEDING UP INTERIOR RENDERS Author: Dario Lanza – NextLimit Technologies Vizualization Specialist is presenting a Smart Technology webinar on July 16, 2015 – TBA – more details coming shortly! December 10, 2014 Tips 19 Comments 9 Speeding-up render times is always a hot topic for everyone working in this business, and so although […]


RENDERING FROSTED GLASS May 28, 2015  AN EFFICIENT METHOD FOR RENDERING FROSTED GLASS in Maxwell Render Hi Dear Friends! It’s Tom here again.  First of all, thank you so much for showing such an interest in my previous articles, I’m really happy to hear you’ve found them useful. Today, we’re going to look at an efficient method […]


Heathrow T2

VIRTUALLY BUILD T2 OF HEATHROW AIRPORT May 21, 2015 ( Reprinted from Maxwell Blog ) THE ARTIST My name is Richard Green and my main work involves high end CGI and retouching for advertising and graphic design although I have also worked on film and TV productions when asked. My company is called Loop Corporation Ltd.  […]

Understanding Maxwell’s unique approach to rendering

Understanding Maxwell’s unique approach to rendering Watch and share this NEW, video series!  With each video lasting about 2 minutes, you can get up to speed on Maxwell in about 10 minutes. This blog entry is informational and provides a true insight into the real advantages of using Maxwell Render in your 3D imaging. BEFORE […]

Maxwell connectivity

Maxwell Connectivity   All of these plugins are offered in one Maxwell Render 3 license. Internally Maxwell connectivity works from all of these packages shown in the chart you can edit and create the realism your creativity deserves. From architectural design, Automotive, Film & Television, Product Design and multi light capabilities look at all the […]


 Using the formZ-Maxwell-bundle this is an amazing opportunity to capture the fastest 3D modeller coupled with the realism possible in the ultimate 3D photorealistic renderer – Maxwell Render 3 To purchase the bundle, click HERE Maxwell for formZ/bonzai3d allows these powerful products to work seamlessly together to preview your models with Maxwell Fire and then get stunning […]

Maxwell Render 3 released

Maxwell Render 3 released! This is a major upgrade, with dozens of new features: Of course, we have a new plugin for formZ, also with numerous enhancements, including: Fire • Faster Fire interaction; full revoxelization is now unnecessary in majority of cases. Views • Axonometric and Orthographic view types supported • Additional Camera Types: Pinhole, Fisheye, […]

Countdown to Maxwell Render 3

Image courtesy of Mihai Iliuta Countdown to Maxwell Render 3: Today we are introducing our dedicated V3 mini-site, showcasing the new features coming out in V3. With so many new features to show, we’ve decided to publish just a handful every day from now until release, so make sure you stay tuned all week! Click […]

Maxwell Render 3 Overview

Maxwell Render 3 Overview This video below is an english version about the soon to be released Maxwell Render Version 3 and offers extensive details and an overview of the current beta software for release very shortly.The video demonstrates many amazing new features and capabilities coming in Maxwell Render 3. Maxwell Render 3 will be […]

Maxwell Render Fire Support

Maxwell Render for formZ Technology Preview A technology preview of the new Maxwell for form•Z 7 plugin is available now. This update incorporates numerous new features and improvements, including: Maxwell Fire support for real-time previewing of views, lights, materials and objects Maxwell Grass support Dramatically faster scene export Significantly enhanced Materials and Lights support New Resource Manager which automatically […]