COFA changes name to UNSW Art and Design


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COFA changes name to UNSW Art and Design

in a special ceremony on September 30 hosted by dignitaries inlcuding Chancellor & Vice Chancellor, a new stage in the long history of this fine school.

During the first week of Semester break and between September 29 to October 1 2014 – Smart Technology provided a succesful 3 day training workshop at the new campus of UNSW Art & Design ( formerly known as COFA ).

Hosted in the new facilities and organised by Petra Svoboda we provided ‘in depth’ training on the latest formZ Pro 8 SE software for 3D modelling, rendering and 3D Printing by Matthew Holewinski a Technical Consultant with AutoDesSys Inc. Matthew has been involved with 3D modeling, rendering, and animation for 20 years in a variety of disciplines including architecture, product design, mechanical engineering, historical recreations, museums, art and nature.

After 3 days of methodical and practical review all attendees were able to extend their knowledge and skills in the powerful 3D modelling tool used for 3D design and most were producing interesting models for 3D printing.


COFA Group


Our 3 day formZ Pro 8 experts – UNSW Design & Art Technical Support team and trainer Matt Holewinski (1st LHS. )

Many learnt in the tasks how to model unique shapes including using the new easier to model ‘Subdiv surfaces’ included in formZ Pro 8


Screenshot 2014-10-07 09.16.14
Early stage jug design from basic polygon shape using subdiv surface tool.

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