Corona Render 5


Corona Render 5

Corona Render 5 is coming with more Caustics refinements with Release Candidate 1 for 3DS MAX ( C4D shortly ) now available.

Corona Renderer 5 is focused on optimising speed and reducing memory usage – here are some of the optimisations that this version brings:
– Caustics speed optimised
– Overall optimisations in geometry storage (most visible benefits will be seen with displacement, and scenes with very complex geometry)
– 2.5D Displacement introduced, for even more significant improvements to memory and render time savings when displacement is used
– Overall optimisations including for geometry pre-processing, scenes with a very large number of instances, the Corona ColorCorrect, and more!
– Also, various quality of life improvements (improved legibility of render stamp, notification in VFB title bar if a render is IR, and so on)
– And of course various bug fixes to round it all out!








Corona Render 4 is the current release and this version has an enhanced support for caustics with a new super (super) fast caustics solver.
Absolutely stunning caustic images can be rendered in basically just a few clicks. There is no need to adjust parameters and settings or “try your luck” with the old experimental engines as done before.
The new caustics solver is easy to work with, supports reflective and refractive caustics, fast to render and it will take your images to the next level of photo-realism.

Oh, Did we mention it’s fast!?

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