Digital fabrication in formZ webinar


Digital fabrication in formZ webinar

formZ gives you the power to turn your virtual designs into reality in the exciting world of digital fabrication.Learn how easy it is to take your 3D digital model and actually build it using a variety of modern fabrication technologies such as 3D printingCNC manufacturingunfolding, and more. This information is valuable for 3D design professionals who want to learn how 3D models can be easily turned into accurate physical reality. NURBS Blend Operation

Click here to watch this recorded online seminar and learn:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to prepare and analyze your model for 3D printing so it prints correctly the first time.
  • Techniques to quickly and efficiently layout your project for CNC cutting, including valuable tips on how to convert your cnc machine profiles to any one of the many industry standard data formats used in digital fabrication.
  • Helpful tips on the unfolding process allowing you to harness the power of unwrapping your 3D forms.
  • What to look for regarding important exporting parameters you need to know when interfacing with digital fabrication.
In addition, we take a brief look at a few other fabrication related tools and features used in managing your 3D model data such as Information Management, exporting data to CVS spreadsheet files, and linking your model to construction layout documentation.
So if you want to be a part of this online webinar register now to take advantage of this valuable fabricating resource and you understand the times are US dates and times then register below!

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