form•Z free is proving exceptionally effective for beginning fabrication students



form•Z free is proving exceptionally effective for beginning fabrication students

When we were considering the introduction of form•Z free as a reduced version of form•Z, our expectation was that it would popularize 3D modeling even among lower and middle school students. To our delight it is working great as a general introductory modeler and it is proving especially effective in the newly popular area of digital fabrication. Here is the story at one of the highly ranked design schools.

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form•Z has been an integral part of the design curriculum at The Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) for many years. Professor Brad Jirka recently provided very insightful feedback on how MCAD has integrated form•Z. Using two levels of form•Z applications, form•Zquickly and seamlessly produces exceptional results with the latest fabrication and 3D printing technology.

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Webinar: Generative design tools in form·Z Friday October 9, 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT (17:00-18:00 GMT)

Add a new unique twist to your 3D design using the generative tools in form•Z as we demonstrate the Voronoi diagram, Delaunay triangulation, point scatter, surface scatter, volume scatter, wrap and parametric map modeling tools. These tools have practical and theoretical applications in a large number of science and technology fields and have very desirable artistic characteristics.

We’ll see how they can be used together along with other form•Z tools to generate complex organic forms and design structures in a fun and intuitive way. You’ll also see how these forms are fabrication ready such as 3D printing. Any design professional who wants to enhance their design to include a variety of spawning, scattering, cell diagram and parametric map based form generation will be interested in this topic.

image2 image2

form·Z Online Training Online training classes are a great way to learn form•Z from the convenience of your computer. Online sessions follow a structured class plan and often include downloadable guides and sample files that complement the training. Class sizes are limited to keep the course moving and make sure that everyone is able to follow the presentation. Most classes have Q & A time block at the end to allow for specific questions and feedback. Classes are conducted at a variety of times and and cover a variety of subjects. image2

Trial versions of form·Z Try form•Z pro 8.5 or form•Z jr 8.5 for 30 days for free! These trial versions are fully featured software including an unlimited number of saves and the ability to import and export from any of the supported file formats.


A trial version of the RenderZone photo-realistic rendering plugin is also included! ( for commercial use see here )


form·Z Student Edition The form•Z Student Edition is free for students and faculty for academic use.


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