formZ 8.5.3 update


We are pleased to announce that the formZ 8.5.3 update is now available.  This update includes a number corrections and enhancements to issues that were reported, including the addition of the FBX Translator, many Component improvements, better handling of Notes and Dimensions, many Performance improvements, Export Image: DWG no longer creates duplicate segments, a larger cursor option for high resolution displays, and more — as noted in the attached PDF file:


Attached File  formZ 8.5.3 release notes.pdf   145.16KB   17 downloads

To Update formZ 8.5.0., or, just use the formZ Help Menu: Check for Update command to automatically update your software.

If you have any issues with the automatic updates, we will be releasing the “app only” updates from the link below tomorrow(or you can re-download from there today):

NOTE:  Please contact us at or start a new forum thread if you have any feedback or issues.


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