formZ 9 – released

formZ 9 released after years in the making and is shipping now with optional subscription license versions and *VRay NEXT coming.
formZ 9 perpetual  A$ 1,425 +GST
Subscription 12 mth license
formZ 9 subscription ( Annual prepayment ) $635 +GST
or formZ 9 | VRay NEXT* A$ 1,135 +GST

* VRay NEXT being released end of Feb ( v3.6 ships but upgrades to       NEXT on release )

The details 

      • Improved application interface with more workspace, easy to manage palettes.
      • Reference Files.
      • Symmetric modeling.
      • Python scripting.
      • Classic draft/layout space features.
      • v6 draft files open directly.
      • Inspector palette.
      • Rectangular and Radial array tools.
      • Scale to Size tool.
      • Updated file translators including direct PSD and SketchUp export.
      • New instance engine makes components significantly faster!
      • Support for model file sizes > 2Gb!
      • Better startup performance.
      • Better texture cache (uses less space, faster).
      • Faster auto save
Platform support: 
      • Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan (or later).
      • Windows 7/8/10 – 64 bit only.

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