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Using formZ beta 7 Update

I’ve been using Form Z  7 beta for some time now and I have to say it’s been an absolute joy. An update patch (#8457) has been released on June 14  that corrects a number of stability issues and other irregularities that have been reported, as noted in the second half of this post.
This version is being released as an Update Patch. To access this update, run the previous formZ 7 Beta 8 (build 8441), go to the Help Men, choose Check for Update, and follow the onscreen prompts.

There are a few known issues with this automatic update that will actually be fixed with this update. However, for the current update, you should make sure that you do not have any Layout projects open when you apply the update. Also, there is a small possibility that the old version might crash when quitting before applying the update. If this happens, just repeat the steps in the previous paragraph and then it should update properly.


If you have not yet signed up for the formZ 7 Beta, or do not have the 8441 build, you can sign up for the new beta version HERE  that adds a few things and fixed over a hundred issues:

  • Many of the corrections address stability and improved memory management.
  • The Axial Sweep tool now has the Scale parameter previously found in v6.
  • The Trim/Spit tool now keeps the proper portion of the model.
  • Display resolution slider now works with the Round tool.
  • Importing a symbol library with the same name as existing component folder no longer fails.
  • Certain SKP SketchUp v8 files now import properly.
  • Export image now exports the proper view to eps/hpgl.
  • Import and Export DWG/DXF improved.
  • Multi Copy with Make Component fixed.
  • Components can now be renamed easily.
  • Clipping Planes in Shaded mode are more stable.
  • The Template File preferences have a separate option of Layout projects.
  • Controls for Layout Frames now highlight properly.
  • Gutters work properly in Screen Size Dimensions.

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