formZ for mac now imports Sketchup files


formZ for mac now imports Sketchup files


SKP Import thumbproicon88x88for formZ 8 Pro and Jr is now available via this pre-release plugin for OS X users:FZjr


Copy this ZIP archive into your formZ Application Folder: Plugins: FFMT folder and Unzip it.  (Note that it Must be in the Plugins: FFMT folder.)


Relaunch formZ 8 Pro or formZ 8 Jr, and SKP Import (up to v2015) should be available via the File Menu: Import command.


Please note that this is using a new SKP Translator that has recently been released by Trimble.  If you encounter any issues, please notify us via EMAIL to and either include a link to the SKP file, or attach it to the email directly.




PS:  If you have formZ Pro v8.0.0, please update from here first:  http://forums.formz….ow-available/

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