formZ Pro 8 shipping in Australia


1thumblogowithpro250x88The headline 3D modelling software from Autodessys Inc is shipping from today for both Mac OSX (10.7+) and Windows 7 & 8.

 formZ 8 beta has received extremely positive feedback and we are pleased to announce that we have formZ Pro 8 shipping in Australia.

formZ 8 Pro is the first release in the newly restructured formZ product line. 

formZ 8 Pro represents the top of the line version of formZ. We have added “Pro” to the name to distinguish it form the other upcoming versions of formZ.

In the coming weeks we will release formZ Jr (the replacement for bonzai3d) and formZ Free (the new no barrier entry level version).  


Among the many new features added in formZ Pro 8 thumbproicon88x88is that the Mac version is now 64bit as has been the case for some time on Windows.


Watch this space in the next weeks for new details as they are provided…


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