formZ Subd surfaces and 3D Printing


formZ Subd surfaces and 3D Printing make a difference


formZ Subd surfaces and 3D Printing

Below is a webinar that demonstrates the power of formZ Subd surfaces and 3D Printing capabilities by walking you through a series of actual 3D printed projects modeled exclusively with subdivision tools and features. formZ is a unique 3D modelling tool with support for solid, surface, NURBS suffices and now Subd’s. It also offers an easy to use toolset and display that is available for both Mac OSX 7+ and Windows 7 /8 computers.

In this session you’ll experience:
• Powerful subdivision modeling and how it can be used in your project workflow.
• Seamless conversion of subdivision models to NURBS or Quad Meshes.
• How the inherent quad mesh personality of subdivision objects lends itself perfectly to 3D Printing.
• How converting your subdivision models to NURBS adds an additional layer of flexibility to your design capabilites.
• The advantage of minimal time involved with analyzing and prepping the model for 3D printing due to the subdivision personality.


formZ Pro 8 is available now from Smarttec or call +61 (0)2 9939 4000





Subdivision modelling and 3D printing

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