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Introducing form•Z 8 beta training, now with subdivision surfaces and more!

Smart Technology

is arranging an “Advanced Training Session” on formZ RenderZone to be advised and held in Sydney early this October.

Watch this space or contact our office for more details

This training in Sydney will be a unique poster event hosted by Smart Technology and delivered in person by Matthew Holewinski – Technical Consultant

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We will be advising everyone directly more details with an opportunity to book this 1- 2day event and it will cover the new advanced features including the new ones in form•Z 8.

For now join us for this webinar featuring the exciting new features of form•Z 8 beta. The new subdivision modeling tools in form•Z 8 add a whole new dimension in free form organic modeling. These new form creation capabilities expand upon form•Z’s already powerful modeling capabilities with interactive on-screen controls and tools that offer a whole new way to create smooth forms quickly. We will demonstrate how these subdivision models work well with3D printers and how easily form•Z can convert them to accurate NURBS surfaces.

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We will also demonstrate how the new real-time ambient occlusion, soft shadows, bump mapping and multi-sampling features aid in visualization as part of the design process.
The form•Z 8 beta is available to all form•Z 7 customers, to get yours, click HERE
Below is a RECORDED Webinar that reviews the new features due for release by July :
     • How to convert a facetted object to a subdivision object, and set the number of iterations.
     • How to assign sharpness to subdivision objects, faces, or edges to create creases.
     • How to “grow” new faces and edges.
     • How to bridge and create new faces between existing subdivision faces and edges.
     • How to use subdivision surfaces to make convincing tensile structures.
     • How to create complex subdivision objects, such as a chair, beginning with only a cube.

formZ 8 beta Webinar replay



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