Introducing form•Z Free


formZ free released


formZ free

Introducing form•Z Free!

form•Z Free is a great way to start exploring the power of design with 3D solid modeling. With form•Z Free you can quickly create 3D solid models that can be presented using sun studies, real time rendering effects, sectioning and dimensions. form•Z Free features a subset of the tools found in form•Z Proand form•Z Jr with the same easy to use dynamic interface. The internal solid modeling reperesentaion maintains an accurate representation of 3D models which is ideal for 3D printing. This version has no restrictions for professional, academic, or home use.

Join us for a webinar introducing form•Z Free Wednesday November 19 1:00pm-2:00pm (18:00-19:00 GMT). In this webinar we will demonstrate the form•Z Free interface and powerful interactive modeling features. We will also show how form•Z Free can be used for 3D printing.

Download your free copy of formZ free today.

With formZ free released today now completes the full suite of formZ 8 packages as there are now 3 choices including formZ free, formZ Jr and formZ PRO ( See comparison list below ) for your all your 3D modelling.

Starting with formZ free

formZ Jr – the replacement for bonZai3D ( same interface but much extended toolset with Subd organic modelling tools.

formZ PRO – with all the high end modelling tools for complete hybrid modelling, polygon solid, smooth ASIC surface, NURBS, Subd surfaces, Parmetrics with layout, shaded render and animation

With the release of formZ free we also have integrated the full line up under the existing name formZ with formZ Jr replacing bonZai3D and formZ PRO completing our professional line up.

See our site or click above to order and for all the details including upgrade pricing

Feature Comparison Chart – your full list of all the different type of formZ and their capabilities

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