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Low Cost 3D Printing – 3D UP Mini creates a new price entry

The 3D Up mini printer has created a new low price in allowing the entry of easy to start and quality 3D Printing now reduced from $1,000 to the new low price of $755.00 (plus GST & delivery)

The 3D Up Mini Printer is an easy to use yet high quality Fusion Deposition Printer ( FTP ) capable of creating high quality ABS plastic parts up to 120 x 120 x 120mm in size an down to 0.2mm resolution from it’s own Mac/Win software that allows import in .stl format and provides for accurate production and intelligent support structures for any 3D designed software.

Included with the package is the powerful 3D design software formZ 3D FREE modelling software which is upgradable from the basic software package to the new formZ Junior or formZ Pro software

Up Mini Review by Techlife
UP Mini 3D Review Youtube video












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