Manipulate Objects in 3D


Manipulate Objects in 3D

Leonar3Do Virtual Reality Hardware Kit

Leonar3Do’s unique technology transforms the 2D flat dimension of desktop computers and laptops into a real 3D work environment. It promises real life like interaction with your computer and with any 3D objects. Leonar3Do provides the easiest way to create, demonstrate and visualize virtual 3D creations in real space.










The main components of Leonar3Do:

  • A spatial input de­vice (the ‘BIRD’)
  • 3D glasses and
  • Monitor-mounted sensors.

Leonar3Do is the first complete and complex desktop VR (virtual reality) equipment available. The main and most useful attribute of virtual reality is that you can place an object in a virtual space in front of (or behind) the monitor space. To achieve precise and strikingly realistic visual presentation, the software uses head-tracking: the computer continually fits the displayed images to the current position of your eyes. You can manipulate this VR-image as a real object with the ability to move, modify, color, dismantle or drop it. Almost as you would do in reality.

Revolutionary IR position tracking, based on line sensors. 2
Absolute position detection with full six degrees of freedom, calibrated to the monitor. 3
The bird allows carrying out actions with six degrees of freedom, i.e., moving and rotating in all three directions in space.The result: a virtual world created in the space between the user and the monitor, a world you can manipulate using the bird. 4

Leonar3Do software solutions

  1. LeoWorld – The Offline Solution

    LeoWorld is a unique 3D VR modeling and animation software. The user is able to view and shape any form and color in 3D, change the lighting in real time, give physical attributes to virtual objects (changeable mass, gravity, impeccability, rebounding etc.), create 3D animations, and export them into a video format. The software itself is highly intuitive, easy and quick to learn and control; and the user can enjoy unlimited freedom in terms of the areas of use and usability.

    Realtime polygon optimization – one key capability of LeoWorld. With this new method of 3D geometry editing, the surface is not divided into a specified number of polygons, instead the software always calculates and re-calculates, using as many polygons as are necessary at any moment. Since the geometry of the object is changing automatically, the user doesn’t need to have special modeling expertise, and the modeling speed is revolutionary. Since the computer has to work with the number of polygons needed, even real time algorithms (such as physics simulation) can be efficiently applied on the objects.

  2. Leopoly – Online Solution

    Leopoly is a subscription-based, social 3D sculpting applicationthat lets anyone create & customize in 3D, share their designs with the world and even 3D print them. Unlike traditional CAD software Leopoly is intuitive and easy to use. Designs can made quickly and then be shared, remixed by the entire community. Want to see if Leopoly is really as easy as we say? Try it out for yourself at


    Leonar3Do is the ultimate link between 3D scanning/design and 3D printing. We provide the easiest tools to personalize your object for the ever emerging 3D printing. Design and print jewels for children, vases for the kitchen, reference and sample works, and others.

  3. LeoConf software – for real-time 3d presentations

    LeoConf is the multi-personal version of Leonar3Do which allows You to share the 3D experience for larger audience by connecting Leonar3Do to any kind of big screen 3D TV or 3D Projector. Besides 3D communication at conferences, LeoConf is also suitable for making 3D demonstrations, presentations or classes for a bigger audience.

  4. Leonar3Do Plugin for Unity Game Engine software

    9Leonar3Do’s plugin for Unity3D enables you to create your own 3D VR games. Operate your software in a stereo 3D Virtual Reality environment by using Leonar3Do’s own head tracked 3D goggles, and replace the 2D mouse, joystick, keyboard and other traditional input devices with Leonar3Do’s 3D positioning device, the Bird. Enjoy the benefits of this new spatial game controller; learn the new dimension of interactivity.


    Leonar3Do SDK ( Software Development Kit)

    We believe that spatial thinking can bring solutions in many industries’ challenges and improve personal well-being. Leonar3Do Software Development Kit enables programmers to create or adjust any software application to the Leonar3Do platform using the LeoAPl. Direct communication with the hardware is provided by the Leonar3Do System Software.

    • The application communicates with the System Software via the LeoAPI.dll functions.
    • LeoAPI programming languages: C/C++
    • Written in OpenGL
    • Multiplatform: Windows/Mac/Linux


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