Maxwell Render 3 Overview


Maxwell Render Version 3Maxwell Render 3 Overview

This video below is an english version about the soon to be released Maxwell Render Version 3 and offers extensive details and an overview of the current beta software for release very shortly.The video demonstrates many amazing new features and capabilities coming in Maxwell Render 3.

Maxwell Render 3 will be available as an upgrade for all old users or purchase Maxwell Render 2.7 now and get v3 FREE when shipping.

ALL new Australian orders can be purchased from the estore link below that offers any new orders a FREE upgrade.
Older users that do not qualify for FREE updates will be able to upgrade to Version 3 as soon as pricing is announced.

Smarttec online estore

will receive Maxwell Render 2.7 plus 5 free render nodes and the v3 on release.

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