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Maxwell Render for formZ Technology Preview


A technology preview of the new Maxwell for form•Z 7 plugin is available now. This update incorporates numerous new features and improvements, including:

  • Maxwell Fire support for real-time previewing of views, lights, materials and objects
  • Maxwell Grass support
  • Dramatically faster scene export
  • Significantly enhanced Materials and Lights support
  • New Resource Manager which automatically detects and corrects missing file dependencies, even when moving between workstations
  • Part1Image

The technology preview plugin is available to Maxwell customers from the Next Limit customer gateway located HERE.

Please provide feedback on the technology preview forum located HERE.

We look forward to hearing from you!   form•Z Model Courtesy of Craig Williams, Becker Morgan Group, Inc.


formZ 7 30 Day Trial version available

In formZ 7 you will find a modern interface with a lot of new functionally along with enhancements to existing formZ functionality. With the new interface many steps have been automated, interactivity expanded, and performance increased which all means less clicking and more doing. You too can join the growing community of formZ 7 users. This Trial software download is available on our site software review by clicking HERE.

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