Methodcast and formZ training



Methodcast and formZ Setup

This video tutorial takes you through how I set up some helpful defaults before working in the formZ and bonzai3d modeling environment. These are things I like to do when starting fresh to make my modeling workflow more productive. Are these all of the settings I use? No, but they are a nice start. I also show why I use these settings with a few examples. I hope you find them useful too.


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Methodcast and formZ – using material ID’s in formZ or bonzai3D with Maxwell Render

This technique by Evan Troxell who runs and creates the incredibly useful site for training and using Methodcast and formZ training- it will save you huge amounts of time when you need to tweak your rendering’s colours and save you from the endless cycle of tweaking and re-rendering. You can go directly to his site here and see this 10 min. video. There are many powerful techniques shown here that will make your process of getting the right results incredibly quickly.


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Have you been assigning materials to your scenes, rendering, tweaking color, re-rendering, tweaking, rendering ad nauseam? I used to do this too. Well with this tutorial, it’s time to stop! Learn the trick the pros use to tweak color after the rendering is already done in an image editor using a Material ID layer. I’ll show you exactly how to do it in my favorite 3d tools – formZ and Maxwell Render. It works in other programs as well.

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