High accuracy deposition 3D Printers Kevoxx 3D Printer


High accuracy deposition 3D Printers

The new professional Kevvox 3D high accuracy deposition 3D printers are stand-alone systems, based on DLP technology, that fit comfortably into any design or engineering environment. There are two Kevvox SP Series models — the SP4300 and the SP6200.
These offer 2 different build volumes, 56x35x100mm and 80x50x100mm respectively with a minimum Z layer height of 10 µm. The SP4300 can print down to a resolution of 43 µm, while to SP6200 offers 62 µm . There is also a choice of proprietary materials with more in development.




Amazing accuracy at an affordable price – for more information call 02 9939 4000


Additional Features:


  •  The best surface for tray that shortens the cleaning time.
  •  Trays can rest on normal flat surfaces, unlike other printer trays that need extra care to prevent scratches underneath.
  •  Trays are stackable, and of space-saving design.
  •  Resins can be left overnight under cold temperatures without fear of it sticking permanently to the tray.
  •  Built-in heating element ensures cold resin is brought up to the required temperature, for efficient and error-free printing.
  •  Flip-up door for easy user access.
  •  Broad access area when removing printed parts from the printer.
  •  Pause & Resume function on printer.
  •  Overnight printing with auto-off function.
  •  True desktop size, low noise and can be easily housed within existing facilities.

UP 3D Mini Printer


3D Printing revolution with UP 3D Mini Printer



The UP 3D Mini Printer allows you to print quality 3D models right from your desk for visualisation, collaboration, and functional prototyping testing from your model designed in formZ, bonzai3D or other 3D package.

The UP Mini Desktop 3D Printer is simple and affordable. It uses an additive manufacturing technology to lay down successive layers of ABS to build up a printed three dimensional model. 3D Print whatever you want, whenever you want and as any times as you want.
The printer is assembled and ready to go out of the box and you’ll be printing models in 15 minutes. No need to spend weeks tinkering or fiddling to get average quality 3D prototypes with a cheap DIY 3D printing project, the UP! Mini 3D Printer is ready to go out of the box for either personal or professional 3D Printing.

In order to create super large prints, simply slice your 3D models into sections, then print as components and glue together with nail varnish remover (acetone).


For more info call 02 9939 4000

Quick 30 minute modelling



Quick 30 minute modelling

Youtube formzIn this webinar on quick 30 minute modelling with formZ 7 or bonzai3D we will show how you can quickly sketch your conceptual design ideas using only a few flexible tools and a simple interface. It is so simple we will start with just a cube and sculpt it into a detailed design. Expand your design creativity by exploring alternatives as you quickly sculpt a form. All of this while making an accurate solid model that is usable for 3D printing, visualization, drafting and exportable to a variety of formats.

Last Chance for CINEMA 4D R10 and R11 Customers

Last Chance for CINEMA 4D R10 and R11 Customers


Last Chance for CINEMA 4D R10 and R11 Customers

CINEMA 4D R10-R11 license holders can receive a 50% discount on the new CINEMA 4D R14.

There are many changes and improvements since CINEMA 4D R10/R11. The role of professional 3D software in the fields of design, visualisation and animation is always under continuous development of CINEMA 4D to meet the needs of the market. This non-stop development means that MAXON can no longer offer support for older versions, including R10.x and R11.x.

This is why MAXON and Adimex are making a one-of-a-kind offer for long-time customers like you, which lets you upgrade to the new CINEMA 4D R14.

Please call Smart Technology on 1300 030 655 or 02 9939 4000 and we’ll provide your quote.

Offer expires March 31, 2013.

C4D R14

Why Upgrade?

Take advantage of the 50% discount on the current list price for a full version of CINEMA 4D R14. Users value this state-of-the-art software package for its ease of use, optimized workflow and impressive new functions, including:

Rendering: Vastly improved, faster renderer (with or without GI) for quick results. New Physical Renderer for realistic depth of field and camera settings.

File Exchange: File exchange for NUKE from The Foundry, numerous improvements for exchange with Adobe After Effects, new Alembic file format, improvements for FBX and COLLADA.

Lighting: IES files for natural light dispersion, physical light parameters for realistic lighting as well as linear workflow.

Modeling: Many new Deformers as well as Snap tools and guidelines for even more precise results.

Dynamics Engine: Extremely reliable and fast rigid, soft and plastic bodies for dynamic simulations as well as aerodynamics, propulsion, connectors, joints and much more.

Download this pdf to learn more about what R14 can offer

The hidden power of animation in form•Z 7


The hidden power of animation in form•Z 7

Solar Panel Animation

Animation features from Smarttec formZ webinar Smart Chat

FormZ Webinar Smarttec Smart Chat go far beyond basic fly through of your model. formZ’s parametric animation gives the power to create stunning dynamic presentations of a design. The formZ animation features can be used to as a whole new way to explore and develop new 3D forms. Join us for this exciting webinar as we demonstrate the power and ease of the formZ animation features.


You will experience:

  • How to animate objects, lights, materials, cameras, sun position, and more.
  • Easy techniques for creating and editing walk-through / fly-by camera animations.
  • How to quickly create sun studies of a design.
  • How to use parametric animation to produce dynamic presentations of a design.
  • Learn how animation modeling can be used to extend the modeling capabilities of any tool.
  • Discover how time can be used to interpolate shape and form
  • Experience the ease and power of graphical control over
    animation tracks, velocity etc.
  • And much more…

This webinar will be followed by a question and answer session and will ultimately be available for those not able to attend at this very early time of the day in Australia can view the recorded session a few days after delivered.

We at Smarttec are always available to discuss your requirements and see more on formZ 7 here online



A replay will be available a few days following the webinar.


Thursday, November 15, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm EST (18:00-19:00 GMT)

Try Cinema 4D R14 Countdown Special in Australia


CINEMA 4D Countdown Special in Australia

Save money until December 21, 2012 on the purchase of any Cinema 4D R14 with the Cinema 4D R14 Countdown Special in Australia, Cinema 4D R14 offers a new era has dawned for motion graphics designers, VFX artists and visualization professionals: Integrated sculpting functionality, a camera matching system, additional third-party exchange possibilities as well as improved modeling, animation, rendering and workflow let artists achieve even better results faster and easier than ever.

Buy any Cinema 4D package with the associated purchase  of  an MSA Agreement( 12month support) and get 25% off that C4D package.

The MAXON Service Agreement (MSA) offers additional advantages: You automatically receive the newest Release of CINEMA 4D or BodyPaint 3D and you benefit from extended service, expanded software usage rights and discounted admission to designated events. Plus you have maximum consistency in budget planning!

Take advantage of the

Cinema 4D R14 Countdown Special in Australia

through December 21, 2012 and combine your full CINEMA 4D R14 package of choice with the MAXON Service Agreement (MSA) and save 25% on your CINEMA 4D purchase – time is running out!

This offer applies to full versions of any CINEMA 4D R14 package, BodyPaint 3D, MAXON License Server and Classroom Licenses.

MAXON CINEMA 4D R14 new features


New Features Offer Expanded Options

In Hollywood, many motion graphics animators have seen year over year dominance and adoption of MAXON’s flagship software CINEMA 4D.  Their newest release offers users improved feature sets and new tools to create 3D models and animation even easier than before.

Announced at SIGGRAPH, and shipping in September, the newest release of the popular 3D software includes a big change in the way users approach the software.  CINEMA 4D’s R14 now allows artists to sculpt their models with a variety of tools. Not only does the new software include tools to shape the objects that artists create, but its unique layering system allows models to be edited, baked, and dynamically assessed directly within the C4D workflow.

While there are very good third-party solutions for sub-polygonal sculpting, the new sculpting potential allows C4D artists to work within a pipeline that does not remove them from the MAXON setting, and gives them editorial and animation potential that third-party solutions don’t offer.

Motion Graphics for broadcast, web, film, and even some gaming has made MAXON’s C4D an easy choice for professional animators because of its tight integration with the compositing software already used in the industry.  For years, C4D has exported scene data and prepared project files for Adobe After Effects, Apple Motion, Shake, and other compositing software.  Release 14 now adds the ability to support The Foundry’s Nuke software, creating many more file-specific passes that allow artists to achieve more detailed control during the compositing process. Moreover, there is full support for OpenEXR when exporting those files.

3D Printing and Piracy – Is your IP dead?


An emerging breed of machines lets us “print” a real-life object, like a toy or a gun , is highlighting 3D Printing and Piracy in the same way we can print a document at our desk.

Is your IP Dead? – now you can print or copy 3D objects and as the technology develops you could print many  ojects that will call into question your own IP  and brand ownership. The technology heralds a new era of manufacturing but is also striking fear into the hearts of brand owners.

In a must-read story, the Economist explains how cheap 3-D printers could one day let knock-off artists crank out shoes, gadgets, watches and any type of prized design. While counterfeiting is already wide-spread, it could increase dramatically with the machines:

But while the [traditional] pirates’ labour rates and material costs may be far lower, the tools they use to make fakes are essentially the same as those used by the original manufacturers. Equipment costs alone have therefore limited the spread of the counterfeiting industry. But give every sweatshop around the world a cheap 3D printer coupled to a laser scanner, and pirated goods could well proliferate.

File-sharing platforms such as Pirate Bay already aspire to be exchanges for 3-D goods . In other words, kids may one day go from swapping not just MP3s on the internet but iPods too.

The Economist notes that 3D printing is likely to touch off a new intellectual property debate between those who want to label the devices “piracy machines” and those who see them as a technological revolution like the advent of personal computing.

It’s early days yet and, for now, the objects being replicated are dumb pieces of plastic. This means that, in the immediate future, it may only be firms like Lego or Oakley (not Apple or Porsche) that may have to worry.

But if the “print-me-anything” devices take off as predicted, we will eventually be able to copy most things around us. When that happens,  the debates over copyright will look like a tea party.

Maxwell Render Fire Support


Maxwell Render for formZ Technology Preview


A technology preview of the new Maxwell for form•Z 7 plugin is available now. This update incorporates numerous new features and improvements, including:

  • Maxwell Fire support for real-time previewing of views, lights, materials and objects
  • Maxwell Grass support
  • Dramatically faster scene export
  • Significantly enhanced Materials and Lights support
  • New Resource Manager which automatically detects and corrects missing file dependencies, even when moving between workstations
  • Part1Image

The technology preview plugin is available to Maxwell customers from the Next Limit customer gateway located HERE.

Please provide feedback on the technology preview forum located HERE.

We look forward to hearing from you!   form•Z Model Courtesy of Craig Williams, Becker Morgan Group, Inc.


formZ 7 30 Day Trial version available

In formZ 7 you will find a modern interface with a lot of new functionally along with enhancements to existing formZ functionality. With the new interface many steps have been automated, interactivity expanded, and performance increased which all means less clicking and more doing. You too can join the growing community of formZ 7 users. This Trial software download is available on our site software review by clicking HERE.