formZ beta 7 update


Using formZ beta 7 Update

I’ve been using Form Z  7 beta for some time now and I have to say it’s been an absolute joy. An update patch (#8457) has been released on June 14  that corrects a number of stability issues and other irregularities that have been reported, as noted in the second half of this post.
This version is being released as an Update Patch. To access this update, run the previous formZ 7 Beta 8 (build 8441), go to the Help Men, choose Check for Update, and follow the onscreen prompts.

There are a few known issues with this automatic update that will actually be fixed with this update. However, for the current update, you should make sure that you do not have any Layout projects open when you apply the update. Also, there is a small possibility that the old version might crash when quitting before applying the update. If this happens, just repeat the steps in the previous paragraph and then it should update properly.


If you have not yet signed up for the formZ 7 Beta, or do not have the 8441 build, you can sign up for the new beta version HERE  that adds a few things and fixed over a hundred issues:

  • Many of the corrections address stability and improved memory management.
  • The Axial Sweep tool now has the Scale parameter previously found in v6.
  • The Trim/Spit tool now keeps the proper portion of the model.
  • Display resolution slider now works with the Round tool.
  • Importing a symbol library with the same name as existing component folder no longer fails.
  • Certain SKP SketchUp v8 files now import properly.
  • Export image now exports the proper view to eps/hpgl.
  • Import and Export DWG/DXF improved.
  • Multi Copy with Make Component fixed.
  • Components can now be renamed easily.
  • Clipping Planes in Shaded mode are more stable.
  • The Template File preferences have a separate option of Layout projects.
  • Controls for Layout Frames now highlight properly.
  • Gutters work properly in Screen Size Dimensions.

Maxwell Render access to free 3D Rendering online training


Smart Technology offers this 3D Rendering training online by clicking image above –  this Maxwell Render tutorial is provided through Digital Tutors, they will be teaching you the essential workflows, terms, and techniques to help you get started using Maxwell Render with Maya. We will start off by learning the basic approach to rendering anything in Maxwell Render, and some important concepts to be aware of whenever starting out with Maxwell. We will then learn how to control the amount of render time that goes into our scenes, we will discuss the Maxwell camera attributes, which play a critical role in the appearance of our rendered images, we will learn how to begin using the physically-correct Maxwell materials to help push our renders to deeper levels of realism, we will discuss the process of creating and controlling light sources, as well as many additional topics and workflows that will help you to get started with Maxwell Render.

3D Printer popular at CEBIT show



3D Printer Systems Attracts Crowds

Posted on  by Neerav Bhatt


CeBIT exhibitor 3D Printing Systems launched the new UP! Mini 3D Printer as a world first at CeBIT Australia 2012. With it’s full metal, temperature stabilising enclosure and groundbreaking pricing it’s no wonder their Stand I15 attracted large crowds of visitors throughout the day. Smart Technology provides the local sales and support at contact tel: 1300 030 655  and has the 3D Up Printer and it’s 3D  design software formZ and bonzai3D

The UP! Mini is based on the simplicity of a traditional inkjet printer, with a snap in printer head, slip in build table and clip in consumable roll.

3D Printing also known as additive manufacturing, has seen huge growth in the last two years.

3D Printing Systems have sold their desktop 3D Printers to Primary schools, where students are creating 3D printed projects out of plastic instead of the traditional paddle pop stick projects.

This is the manufacturing of the future and Australian students could learn a lot if given the opportunity to be able to use this type of cutting edge technology to create and innovate.

Universities around Australia use the UP Plus 3D Printers, as they are a fantastic educational tool to demonstrate additive manufacturing process and to be able to rapid prototype their own designs. Thinking and creating outside of the box has never been so easy.

Electrolux have been using the UP Plus 3D Printer for two years as well as many other leading businesses for prototyping and testing product design. The savings are huge (+/- 80%) for prototyping in house as opposed to sending parts to be printed at a bureau. Additive manufacturing methods are also faster than and cheaper than one off moulds or getting a part CNC machined.

The other advantage of printing parts in ABS plastic, the same plastic that is used in most consumer parts today, is if you wanted to fix a broken plastic part on your dishwasher or stove, you can do that easily. If you wanted to make a custom mount for your phone in your car or bicycle you can do that too.

With the introduction of the UP Mini 3D Printer, launched first at CeBIT 2012 in Australia, it has been designed for the consumer in mind, bringing manufacturing to the home or hobbyist at a price that has to be seen to be believed.

formZ 7 3D modeling video


Flexible 3D modeling design in formZ 7

Discover the ease and flexibility of 3D modelling software creating smooth modern 3D forms using the new interface and tools of form•Z 7. In this webinar you’ll be guided through an exploratory journey in the conceptualization of a modern Metro rail project utilizing modeling, rendering, and animation.
You will experience:

    • The new interface which allows for greater design experimentation and “playing” with complex 3D forms.
    • New techniques to smoothly blend details into organic forms.
    • Various methods to dynamically control continuity between surfaces, which help you control the “razor-sharp” or “smooth-soft” feel of your design.
    • Quick ways to add contemporary structural details derived from your 3d forms by harnessing the information that is automatically inherent in your smooth shapes.
    • New analysis tools to analyze the aesthetic appearance of your design surfaces in “real-time”.
    • Witness the ease of filling openings or closing gaps in your surfaces while maintaining continuity with the original form.
    • And many other new or improved nurbs and smooth modeling tools, which make modeling contemporary modern forms easier than ever before in form•Z 7.

formZ RenderZone 7 Try it FREE

formZ 7
formZ 7

Best time ever to download and get used to the power and capabilities of formZ in it’s new version due for final release soon. While in beta development this package is functional, stable and capable of enhanced 3D modeling and 3D rendering capabilities over the bonzai3D package from where it’s development began. Available for MacOSX ( rel 10.4 +) and Windows 32 and 64.

More power than ever with an easier more intuitive interface. Many file formats (13+) and lots of rendering and animation capabilities to produce incredible photo realistic images.

Download here  and try it free; formz your next step up for more advanced tools from bonzai3D

we can help for those that want to own it – and other powerful 3D tools; see us here for 3d Rendering software

Architect using formZ for 3D modeling


Wandering in the Garden of Technology and Passion, a book about Architect John Marx and his use of 3D modeling with form•Z.

February 14, 2012

Wandering the Garden of Technology and Passion, a book written by Pierluigi Serraino about Architect John Marx, a long time user of form•Z for 3D modeling and innovator of digital tools, and the impressive projects of his firm, form4. A vivid demonstration of how a small architectural practice can compete internationally with much larger firms, thanks to their grasp of digital tools.”Five chapters divide the work of John Marx that outline the wide-ranging and and biographical conditions of being an architect today. These episodes are structured around themes that cross-section his output, highlighting issues of general interest and avoiding the classic chronological trope so ubiquitous in tales of and architect’s accomplishments. Marx’s design impulse is the undercurrent throughout these sections. It is through design that architects have the greatest chance to bring relevance to their work and affect people’s lives in significantly positive ways.”
This book is available at, you can find it there by clicking HERE.
Cover Image
Book Description

Publication Date: January 18, 2012
John Marx is of the generation of design architects who witnessed their pencils morph into mouses and their drafting tables into computer desktops. Throughout this transition, he has maintained a remarkable aesthetic consistency in his architectural projects. Wandering the Garden of Technology and Passion is a study of digital design through Marx’s work. This beautifully illustrated book traces the professional path of an architect whose mastery of digital tools transformed his practice into a global player, but who still manages to hold on to the intimate qualities of a boutique practice.
Jeju International Airport

Table of Contents
Cover Image

Cover Image

More users experience with bonzai3D vs Google Sketchup


I have had a bit of a look around the forum and documentation, also downloaded the trial version of Bonzai and have only one burning question; Is there a viable way of creating construction drawings (for houses) that remains linked like they do in SU Pro?

I really like how Bonzai works, very intuitive and well thought out, but can see myself losing productivity if I have to use a 3rd party program for the final prints (and the obvious hassle of redoing exports if there are changes)

I notice that alot of users are exporting to Revit for this stage, but it doesn’t solve the problem with the drawings being divorced from the original model.

i don’t really want to go with SU pro due to the other work flow related issues (no tools for windows, doors etc, slow work flow) and can’t justify (at this stage) going for a 2K lite version of ArchiCad (It looks a little too crippled as well)


– Andrew Jones

response from autodessys Inc


Bonzai3d is designed as a 3d modeling program, and it can generate plans and sections that can be exported in 2d (or 3d) to a dedicated drafting program — such as AutoCAD, Archicad, Vectorworks, etc. As you note, this can require extra steps if there will be multiple revisions, and we are currently working on the Drafting Environment for formZ 7 — which will integrate the model with the documentation as you are requesting. 

formZ 7 will also use the bonzai3d interface (plus a lot more) so that modeling will be as quick and easy as it can be. If you would like to sign up for the Beta version and give it a try, you can do so here: 

Right now, the Drafting Workspace is a bit of a work in progress, but Hatches have just been released, and soon Line Styles & Weights will be implemented — along with the full Layout Environment so that you can create full blown construction documents. And — if you make a change to the model, the documentation will be updated automatically. :-) 

Does this help? 

I haven’t test driven formz yet, it sound cool to have the bonzai features in it too. Is it possible to purchase bonzai and upgrade it later to the full formz program? Or perhaps buy the 2D drafting/ plotting environment as an add on? Anyway, that does answer the initial question. sorry to add more 🙂 I’ll have a look at the beta version, thanks.

– Andrew Jones


response from autodessys Inc

Yes, you will be able to upgrade from bonzai3d to formZ 7 in the future — but details have not yet been set for that. (The details for this will be available closer to the final release of formZ 7.) 

We are not sure if we will be adding a 2d add-on for bonzai3d in the long run — but it will not be available in the near future. If you know you will want integrated Drafting (beyond basic notes and dimensions), you should most likely choose formZ over bonzai3d. 


Ok, that makes sense. Had a bit of a play today with Beta 7, love the roof building tool! Love the way the drafting tool set can be selected easily, and the quality of the icons and descriptions is fantastic, great work.

I’ll keep poking around.

So I’m thinking the best option would be to buy bonzai3d now (so I can start learning the tools etc), and upgrade when fomZ 7 is released…anyway, sounds good either way.

– Andrew Jones

iSCSI Storage


In computing the term iSCSI  is an abbreviation of Internet Small Computer System Interface, it is an Internet Protocol (IP)-based storage networking standard for linking data storage facilities.

By carrying SCSI commands over IP networks, iSCSI is used to facilitate data transfers over intranets and to manage storage over long distances. iSCSI can be used to transmit data over local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), or the Internet and can enable location-independent data storage and retrieval. The protocol allows clients (called initiators) to send SCSI commands (CDBs) to SCSI storage devices (targets) on remote servers. It is a Storage Area Network(SAN) protocol, allowing organizations to consolidate storage into data center storage arrays while providing hosts (such as database and web servers) with the illusion of locally-attached disks.

Unlike traditional Fibre Channel, which requires special-purpose cabling, iSCSI can be run over long distances using existing network infrastructure.

Synology Inc provides a large range of Networked attached Storage (NAS) devices that can provide  low cost solutions for home use all the way up to large scale 100TB + high speed  enterprise solutions.

For more information on the capabilities of these high speed drives see:

Google Sketchup Pro Competitor!

bonzai3D powerful 3D modelling
bonzai3D powerful 3D modelling

Bonzai3d can be best described as SketchUp on steroids.  It takes the Google program and enhances it to the next level.  Bonzai3d is not a polygon based modeller, but has the ability to use surface NURBS (the organic form modelling).  It also has the ability to create renders, build complex NURB shapes, deformations (bulge, taper, twist, bend surfaces), smart interfacing, thicken surfaces (even if curved), print 3d models (this is uber cool), push/pull and has intelligent guides.

Google SketchUp’s advantage is that it has huge user coverage with its ability to load up models into a warehouse and onto GoogleEarth.  AutoDesSys have programmed their software to make advantage of this social library.  Bonzai3d can import and export skp files (SketchUp’s file extension) meaning the designer has complete accessibilty to the SketchUp warehouse.

Bonzai3d was released in July 2009 and probably slipped under the radar of most users and for its power and ease of use should be used more widely.  The push/pull tool is exactly the same as Google’s but has the added bonus to creating more complex shapes by using a thicken tool and then it can render realistically!  The great thing is if you are a SketchUp user in the past then learning Bonzai3d is a very easy cross-over.  You can attend webinars or can sign-up to or watch a replay online.  These webinars are a great way to pick up tips and tricks from the makers of the program and ask them questions.

Download the trial version onto your Mac or PC  and see what you think.  Once you have trialled Bonzai3d after downloading it for FREE  for up to 30 days  we are sure you’ll want to keep it.

As such we are offering a special Purchase discount  coupon (B3DWP) that can be used for a 15% discount off all new bonzai3D purchases online  here at

I would love to know what you think, but I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

Top 10 reasons to purchase:

1. bonzai3d offers EASY SCULPTING
2. bonzai3d offers a FLUID, POWERFUL and SMART INTERFACE
4. bonzai3d offers DEFORMATIONS that work on any solid or surface
5. bonzai3d offers SPECIALTY TOOLS peppered throughout the application
6. bonzai3d offers an expandable CONTENT LIBRARY able to import .skp models
7. bonzai3d PLAYS WELL WITH OTHER programs 16 import file formats & 13 export file formats
9. bonzai3d offers the MATCH VIEW TOOL
10. bonzai3d offers NURBS based ORGANIC FORM modelling
Bonzai3d also includes FREE EMBEDDED VIDEO TUTORIALS making learning easy!

3D Printing just got more affordable


3D Printing just got more affordable
Now only $1,619 +GST

Up 3D Printer
Up 3D Printer

3D Printing just got more affordable

with the reduction of pricing in Australia. has substantially dropped its price to make 3D printing available to everyone who wants to create there own models from 3D applications like bonZai3D and formZ.

The same features but now the filament feeder  is no longer needed it has a new more powerful stepper motor and no longer requires the green paint.
High quality 3D models produced by molten deposition of ABS type plastic feed from larger 750Gm reels are now possible at affordable prices. The software included with the 3D Up Printer for either MacOSX or Windows is powerful enough to take most ‘watertight’ 3D .stl models and produce the models with all the supporting structures in place to ensure it is manufacturable.

Produce models and structures not possible without 3D Printing.