Polygon Optimization

Groundbreaking Polygon Optimization.



InstaLOD’s award-winning polygon optimization is used across industries:
from Tier 1 automotive companies to AAA game developers and VFX studios.

InstaLOD’s unique way of preserving surface attributes enables optimized geometry to render and shade true to the original geometry. Our polygon optimizer pushes the limits of polygon optimization and challenges expectations.
This is why InstaLOD is the secret ingredient of automatic data-prepping pipelines for the most beloved brands.

InstaLOD’s highly scalable data processors can handle large data sets that other solutions simply fail to optimize. Our optimizer operates at blazing-fast speeds even when operating on large data sets with multiple millions of polygons. With InstaLOD you will get an outstanding result with every single optimization.

It’s our mission to make every single feature of InstaLOD produce outstanding results without the need to setup specific optimization profiles or settings. However, fine-grained control and sophisticated settings enables you to stay in control of the topology — even when removing large amounts of data.

InstaLOD’s flexibility enables tight integration into existing workflows and applications.
Easily batch the creation of multiple LOD sets with distinct settings or painlessly optimize rigged characters. When optimizing animated objects, the optimizer will automatically analyze the topology to preserve parts that are important for animations.