Power Translators from Smarttec for MODO


Power Translators from Smarttec for MODO

Interactive Geometry Translator Plug-ins for MODO 801

The Power Translators from Smarttec for MODO are ideal for designers, engineers, product visualization specialists and 3D generalists who need to bring specific industry-standard CAD data formats into MODO for visualization or design. As you import these formats, the Power Translators give you interactive control in MODO over how geometry is tessellated and provides efficient methods for accommodating incoming CAD files with many repetitive elements.


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( including for Solidworks translators ):

Import these CAD formats into MODO:

  • Parasolid (.x_t and .x_b)
  • IGES (.igs and .iges)
  • STEP (.stp and .step)
  • SAT (ACIS)
  • Rhino (.3dm)

How does the Power Translators for MODO Plug-in fit in the CAD workflow pipeline?

The chart below shows how Power Translators for MODO allows you to import NURBS surfaces saved in file formats directly into MODO.

MODO CAD Workflow Tools enable import and export of CAD files to/from MODO

“The ability to import a CAD model and get instant feedback through the preview render without ever having to tessellate the mesh is priceless! I can evaluate the quality of my renders and make adjustments to the tessellation on the fly. I’ll be spending much less time doing guesswork, and more time making sweet renders!”

– Branden Coker

Key Features and Benefits

The Power Translators for MODO, in addition to loading the specified CAD formats, also provides control over how geometry is imported and gives you options for handling large files with repetitive elements:

Interactive surface tessellation

You can opt to load in a lighter Open GL representation of your incoming CAD data, which can can then be tessellated interactively by adjusting settings on a per-item or group basis after loading them into the scene. Once the desired tessellation parameters are determined you can save the item to a mesh. This ability to apply different tessellation during a session is possible because the incoming surfaces are maintained as parametric surfaces by the IntegrityWare kernel during import.

Optimized mesh results

For your resulting mesh, you can choose between Convex (mixed quads and triangles) and Quad NGon (mixed quads and ngons). Since not all CAD files are alike, you can set parameters like Distance Tolerance, Angle, Minimum and Maximum Edge length to optimally tessellate the data coming into MODO. This lets you import files that might have been unreadable/unusable before, and lets you quickly arrive at the best settings for the particular dataset and use you have in mind.

Instance handling

Many CAD models have repetitive geometry elements. If your imported file contains instances, they can be loaded as copies, instances or replicators in MODO. This can greatly reduce memory use and boost interactivity.

Static mesh option

Normally, you will use the Power Translators to save to a mesh representation but an additional option is to save it as a static mesh. Static meshes in MODO are specially constructed lightweight representations of polygonal data which cannot be edited but can be rendered.

Translate NURBS Not Polygons

Power Translators are built from the ground up to solve today’s difficult problems of importing quality CAD data into MODO. The Plug-in has been battle hardened in the most demanding productions at some of the best 3D visualization rendering facilities in the world. The professionals spoke and we listened and together we developed the most advanced, best integrated, highest quality MODO CAD translator on the market today.

Power Translators could easily pay for itself on a single project in time savings alone!


Q: What is the difference between the Advanced CAD Loader and the new Power Translators?
A: Power Translators is built using the IntegrityWare kernel, and supports two additional file formats: SAT (ACIS) and Rhino (.3dm). In addition, the Power Translators will be sold in a single, advanced configuration, at the price of the old Basic CAD Loaders.

Q: Will my Advanced or Basic CAD Loader still work with MODO?
A: Yes, both CAD loaders will work for both 701 and 801.

Q: Will you still continue to support the old Advanced and Basic CAD Loaders?
A: Yes.

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