Sketchfab for formZ




Sketchfab for formZ

Sketchfab for is a website that allows you to share your 3D models so others can view and navigate around the model in real time. You can publish your models through, or you can embed them into your own web pages.



We have found clients now using this feature to collaborate and share ideas and designs that need input from stake holders in the design. In one case we have a major design firm that with their architectural design models uploaded their models can be navigated and annotated for answer on specific design questions. eg… do placement of the beams in this model conflict with ‘air con’ and ‘electrical ducting’?

Models do not need to be shared but can be easily navigated on line form any browser based device.


Screenshot 2014-11-20 10.15.25



Fabric Structure Systems a major formZ user has created a collaboration system using formZ and Sketchfab to assist in better design.

This tool is a new Sketchfab upload option in the Extensions menu that allows for uploads to Sketchfab directly from form•Z PRO or form•Z Jr.

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