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established in 1982

Smart Chat is the news blog of Smart Technology a leading provider of 3D design software solutions for the design professional.

We pride ourselves in being at the leading edge of technology and as such our solutions are for the designer that needs conceptualisation, visualisation and simulation. Our first project was the  launching Graphisoft ArchiCAD in 1987, hosting the founder Gabor Bojar in 1988 we introduced ArchiCAD to the Australian market. This successfully began the start of a new way of designing a documenting architectural building that was ‘object’ oriented design rather than simpler Computer Aided Drafting. From this object oriented approach has developed Building Information Management (BIM). This is one of other tools; like Autodesk Revit and expanded versions of Sketchup like PlusSpec that have now taken this approach.

We launched and promoted this new direction from a concept.

Since then Smart Technology has continued specialising in many other 3D design software solutions that continue to support ArchiCAD and others with new technologies for visualisation, rendering and animation, but add new capabilities like 3D Printing and scanning.

3D Printing covers a wide array of technologies, capabilities and pricing that begin with the affordable Fusion Desposition Material (FDM) printers like the Tiertime 3D Prnters also much higher quality resin based using Digital Light Processing (DLP) like our MoonRay Pro but not excluding higher order Industrial Systems for additive manufacture. We consult and offer the best solution to the requirement.

Other 3D software include;

We offer sales online Smarttec eStore but ensure we are always available to talk and discuss requirements by phone at

+61 2 9939 400

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