Speedlab Racing applied Shining 3D handheld scanner EinScan-Pro


With EinScan-Pro, Speedlab completed timely and efficient maintenance and repair on the racing car

August 3, 2017 

 Speedlab Racing application of 3D handheld scanner EinScan-Pro  

 Speedlab scanned the body of a racing car, in order to produce the replacements of spare parts for the car.

About Speedlab

Speedlab Racing is a racing team located at Stockholm in Sweden, who has many years of racing experience. The team bought a used Corvette C3 from the USA in 2005. Since then, the car has been rebuilt in many iterations and their goal is to have the fastest racing car in Sweden.

Project background

The Speedlab Corvette would race in the Swedish Time Attack series (timeattacknu.se) where all kinds of crazy racing cars competing over the speed of a single circle. In the class where the Speedlab Corvette would race in, any modifications were allowed such as active aerodynamics transformation, high powered engine application, as long as the security rules were fulfilled.

So far the team had spent a lot of money and time on upgrading different body parts on their Corvette racing car through traditional manufacturing techniques. However, as the front and rear parts of the body were built by hands without molding, it would be very time consuming to rebuild if these parts of the car body were crashed or damaged. Thus with a 3D scanner, the team could easily reproduce the front and rear parts of the car by CNC processing or 3D printing from the scanned model.


Scanning process:

After comparison, Speedlab team decided to use EinScan – Pro from Shining 3D to do car body scanning because of the wide scanning range, high speed and precision it provides.

Although there was a member of Speedlab team who had more than six years of experiences in 3D printing, he had hardly any experiences in 3D scanning process. However, EinScan – Pro is very easy to use, Speedlab was able to manage it after few shootings.

During the beginning process of scanning, Speedlab team had tried several different scanning modes. First, they applied handheld HD scanning mode and completed scanning through sticking markers. This scanning mode could ensure the alignment precisely.

Afterward, the team tried handheld rapid scanning mode. There was no need to stick markers in this mode, but you can still obtain high quality of 3D data. The scanning speed was greatly increased, which ensured the quick completion of lamps and other parts with rich characteristics.


With the help of EinScan-Pro, Speedlab scanned the entire car successfully. The scanned data were then imported into Geomagic Wrap for final alignment. The aligned model data was archived for further 3D printing and CNC processing.

With the 3D data obtained by Shining 3D’s EinScan-Pro, Speedlab could complete timely and efficient maintenance and repair on the racing car. Meanwhile, the team members are excited to discover that, with the 3D data of the racing car, they can be more creative to do modifications in the future. It brings more hope for them to realize their dream of “creating the fastest racing car in Sweden”.

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