bonzai3D 3.1 Released



bonzai3d 3.1

bonzai3d 3.1 released this week is a major update to bonzai3d with over new features including 14 new tools that add functionality for fabrication, 3D printing, NURBS modeling, shape editing, texture mapping and component management.

This Upgrade is available as as a downloadable upgrade for as little as $105 + GST if applicable – Click here for details (prior to Feb 1, 2013)

The existing bonzai3d tools have been improved and tweaked to make them even more powerful and flexible. Similar improvements have been made throughout the interface such as the new Sun Position palette that makes creating shadow and sun studies a breeze.

Extensive internal changes have improved the performance throughout bonzai3d making it even faster to produce great results. The following is a summary of the changes found in bonzai3d 3.1. Following each summary is a link to the on line manual for bonzai3d 3.1 that contains all of the details of the particular feature. Please note that in order to make certain improvements, support for some older technology could no longer be maintained. OS X 10.6 is the now the minimum supported version for OS X and bonzai3d 3.1 no longer supports machines that use Power PC processors (G5, G4 etc).
This latest version now takes bonsai3D a significant level up as tool that can tackle the needs of 3D designers, modellers and current or prospective Sketchup PRO users.


For windows users, Windows 8 is now supported 

download pdf for access to more detailed tool links in file
For those who want a 30day FREE Trial
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formZ 7 Released


formZ 7 Released!

August 8, 2012



formZ 7 logo

FormZ 7 has arrived and Smart Technology is providing an easy upgrade path for existing users of formZ or users of bonZai3D to upgrade. FormZ offers a form generating environment much more powerful, dynamic, intelligent, yet easier to use than any of its previous editions. Not only can you build any form you imagine with formZ, it can also ignite discoveries of forms that you may not have thought of otherwise.



Here are the main ingredients in formZ 7: To download the formZ 30 day Trial: download
  • You start with a smart interface that senses what you intend to do and protects you from unwanted actions. This includes automatic picking and automatic guides that assist you in drawing accurately.
  • Fully parametric and dynamic generation of 3D formsthat can be further manipulated at any time after their initial generation.
  • Reshape tool that, by capitalizing on real time Boolean operations, offers more sculpting actions that produce robust solid models that can easily be fabricated.
Faucet Nurbs Blend
Reshape Example
  • Totally overhauled suite of NURBS tools combines unprecedented easy of use and power. The new NURBSanalysis features aide in the evaluation and refinement of your design
  • Powerful formula tools create complex curves and surfaces based on mathematical formulas with ease. The included predefined library of shapes is a launching point for a whole new method of form creation.
  • Components are enhanced symbols that include the ability to edit the component directly where it is placed. Components are also embedded in project’s making them less dependant on external library files.
  • The complete interface and the tool palettes are fully customizable, including the newly introduced favorites palette, where you may place the tools you use frequently for instant access.
  • Newly introduced workspaces group related tools and palettes together making it easy to switch between tasks. User defined workspaces allow for creation of custom workspaces.
  • The traditional formZ drafting and modeling environments found in previous versions have been merged combining the power of both in a unified environment. This powerful combination yields long desired features such as dimensions, hatching and line styles to 3D.
Interface Example
Interface Example 

  • Layout sheets can be used to compose different views of a model and/or sections and/ or construction details together with notes and dimensions and have it printed to send to the construction site.
  • The modeling interface has been enhanced with a new shaded working environment. Traditional wire frame, hidden line, shaded full and doodle rendering are included. Photorealistic, global Illumination and sketch rendering is available with the optional RenderZone plugin.
  • Dynamic clipping planes allow for non-destructive cutting of models. This real-time dynamic interface allows for complete inspection of a design.
Interface Example

  • The new Sun Palette enables the quick evaluation of natural light in a building on any given day or time. Quickly create animation of the sun light through a day or an entire year.
  • Present your designs interactively on line with the new VR creation features. These allow you to create web ready interactive panoramic and 360 object movies of your design.
  • Interoperability, a traditional strength of formZ, has further been enhanced with updated translators and a new Rhino import feature.
  • Models can be animated within formZ to produce movies for presentation purposes. Or they can be fabricated using any of the contemporary 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, CNC, or Milling machines.
Metro Rail
Come ride along with us!
Metro Rail
formZ 7 Trial version HERE.FREE use of formZ for 30 days

Learning simplified with Webinars Available On Demand

Watch and learn formZ anytime, at your leaisure. Click HERE to select a session to familiarize yourself and master the tools at your command!

formZ 7 Upgrades

form•Z Users on the family plan and those that have purchased formZ 6.7 recently qualify for an automatic upgrade to form•Z 7. Instructions on how to download your software along with new installation codes will be emailed to you shortly. If you are interested in purchasing an upgrade please visit the Smarttec purchase page here or contact  and for those that BUY or upgrade before August 31 and use the Voucher code ‘formz7‘ at checkout will get a 10% discount.

Image CreditsFormula Surface and Faucet Blend, by Matthew Holewinski; Taiwan DayformZ Interface and Mongol Junk, by John Alexander; Willow2D to 3D, by Matthew Holewinski; Metro Train, by Matthew Holewinski.

3D Printer popular at CEBIT show



3D Printer Systems Attracts Crowds

Posted on  by Neerav Bhatt


CeBIT exhibitor 3D Printing Systems launched the new UP! Mini 3D Printer as a world first at CeBIT Australia 2012. With it’s full metal, temperature stabilising enclosure and groundbreaking pricing it’s no wonder their Stand I15 attracted large crowds of visitors throughout the day. Smart Technology provides the local sales and support at contact tel: 1300 030 655  and has the 3D Up Printer and it’s 3D  design software formZ and bonzai3D

The UP! Mini is based on the simplicity of a traditional inkjet printer, with a snap in printer head, slip in build table and clip in consumable roll.

3D Printing also known as additive manufacturing, has seen huge growth in the last two years.

3D Printing Systems have sold their desktop 3D Printers to Primary schools, where students are creating 3D printed projects out of plastic instead of the traditional paddle pop stick projects.

This is the manufacturing of the future and Australian students could learn a lot if given the opportunity to be able to use this type of cutting edge technology to create and innovate.

Universities around Australia use the UP Plus 3D Printers, as they are a fantastic educational tool to demonstrate additive manufacturing process and to be able to rapid prototype their own designs. Thinking and creating outside of the box has never been so easy.

Electrolux have been using the UP Plus 3D Printer for two years as well as many other leading businesses for prototyping and testing product design. The savings are huge (+/- 80%) for prototyping in house as opposed to sending parts to be printed at a bureau. Additive manufacturing methods are also faster than and cheaper than one off moulds or getting a part CNC machined.

The other advantage of printing parts in ABS plastic, the same plastic that is used in most consumer parts today, is if you wanted to fix a broken plastic part on your dishwasher or stove, you can do that easily. If you wanted to make a custom mount for your phone in your car or bicycle you can do that too.

With the introduction of the UP Mini 3D Printer, launched first at CeBIT 2012 in Australia, it has been designed for the consumer in mind, bringing manufacturing to the home or hobbyist at a price that has to be seen to be believed.

3D Printing just got more affordable


3D Printing just got more affordable
Now only $1,619 +GST

Up 3D Printer
Up 3D Printer

3D Printing just got more affordable

with the reduction of pricing in Australia. has substantially dropped its price to make 3D printing available to everyone who wants to create there own models from 3D applications like bonZai3D and formZ.

The same features but now the filament feeder  is no longer needed it has a new more powerful stepper motor and no longer requires the green paint.
High quality 3D models produced by molten deposition of ABS type plastic feed from larger 750Gm reels are now possible at affordable prices. The software included with the 3D Up Printer for either MacOSX or Windows is powerful enough to take most ‘watertight’ 3D .stl models and produce the models with all the supporting structures in place to ensure it is manufacturable.

Produce models and structures not possible without 3D Printing.