form•Z Fundamentals Online Training Course

  form•Z Fundamentals Training Course Learn the best 3d modeling program for architecture and design. Longtime form•Z user Evan Troxel has created an amazing new way to learn 3D modeling with form•Z. Whether it’ll be your first time opening the program, or your 300th, you’ll learn techniques that will ensure your success in building and visualizing the best 3d models you’ve […]

formZ 7 transition Guide

Users Guide – formZ 7 transition Guide  from v6.7 to 7 by Steven Houtzager   Many older users have had some challenges and need a formZ 7 transition Guide for getting the transition protocols in the new v7 paradigm after many years of getting to know formZ which changed its interface from v6.7. It has in fact become much easier […]

formZ 7.1 released

formZ 7.1 released. Please find following the official release information: If you have been using any of the pre-release versions, please download the following applications and discontinue using the pre-release versions. You access these downloads here: If you have not been using the pre-release version, your formZ 7.0.0 or formZ 7.0.1 software can be […]

UP 3D Mini Printer

3D Printing revolution with UP 3D Mini Printer     The UP 3D Mini Printer allows you to print quality 3D models right from your desk for visualisation, collaboration, and functional prototyping testing from your model designed in formZ, bonzai3D or other 3D package. The UP Mini Desktop 3D Printer is simple and affordable. It […]

The hidden power of animation in form•Z 7

The hidden power of animation in form•Z 7 Animation features from Smarttec formZ webinar Smart Chat FormZ Webinar Smarttec Smart Chat go far beyond basic fly through of your model. formZ’s parametric animation gives the power to create stunning dynamic presentations of a design. The formZ animation features can be used to as a whole new way to explore […]

Maxwell Render Fire Support

Maxwell Render for formZ Technology Preview A technology preview of the new Maxwell for form•Z 7 plugin is available now. This update incorporates numerous new features and improvements, including: Maxwell Fire support for real-time previewing of views, lights, materials and objects Maxwell Grass support Dramatically faster scene export Significantly enhanced Materials and Lights support New Resource Manager which automatically […]

formZ 7 3D modeling video

Flexible 3D modeling design in formZ 7 Discover the ease and flexibility of 3D modelling software creating smooth modern 3D forms using the new interface and tools of form•Z 7. In this webinar you’ll be guided through an exploratory journey in the conceptualization of a modern Metro rail project utilizing modeling, rendering, and animation. You […]