New formZ coming

new formZ coming download a form•Z 8.5 pro beta for evaluation now. We are pleased to announce form•Z 8.5 pro beta which includes some exciting new generative design tools, a separate and improved form•Z Layout application as well as a number of performance and stability enhancements. This new beta package displays many new modelling features but has much enhanced performance, it […]

Using form•Z with Revit


Using form•Z with Revit CAD Digest Article  – By Michael Anonuevo, April 7, 2015 reprinted When I first started out as a drafting professional 20 years ago, one of the first 3D modeling software I came across was form•Z. Back then, it was one of the most powerful 3D modeling software around. I was mesmerized by […]

formZ Subd surfaces and 3D Printing

formZ Subd surfaces and 3D Printing make a difference   Below is a webinar that demonstrates the power of formZ Subd surfaces and 3D Printing capabilities by walking you through a series of actual 3D printed projects modeled exclusively with subdivision tools and features. formZ is a unique 3D modelling tool with support for solid, surface, […]

COFA changes name to UNSW Art and Design

  COFA changes name to UNSW Art and Design in a special ceremony on September 30 hosted by dignitaries inlcuding Chancellor & Vice Chancellor, a new stage in the long history of this fine school. During the first week of Semester break and between September 29 to October 1 2014 – Smart Technology provided a succesful 3 […]