formZ 7 3D modeling video


Flexible 3D modeling design in formZ 7

Discover the ease and flexibility of 3D modelling software creating smooth modern 3D forms using the new interface and tools of form•Z 7. In this webinar you’ll be guided through an exploratory journey in the conceptualization of a modern Metro rail project utilizing modeling, rendering, and animation.
You will experience:

    • The new interface which allows for greater design experimentation and “playing” with complex 3D forms.
    • New techniques to smoothly blend details into organic forms.
    • Various methods to dynamically control continuity between surfaces, which help you control the “razor-sharp” or “smooth-soft” feel of your design.
    • Quick ways to add contemporary structural details derived from your 3d forms by harnessing the information that is automatically inherent in your smooth shapes.
    • New analysis tools to analyze the aesthetic appearance of your design surfaces in “real-time”.
    • Witness the ease of filling openings or closing gaps in your surfaces while maintaining continuity with the original form.
    • And many other new or improved nurbs and smooth modeling tools, which make modeling contemporary modern forms easier than ever before in form•Z 7.

More Great Point of Sale Design done in formZ



Vodafone POS design 1

]Tim Mason creates great POS designs and images for clients alway multiple options and colours in 1 day.

With these designs and the resultant images for his clients, they can make informed decisions and approvals quickly.

formZ RenderZone has allowed him a speed, accuracy and image quality that has been hard to match.

Anyone can trial now the new beta version of formZ 7 – a new direction in making formZ much easier to use and more powerful by downloading a trial version here.